Get Involved

EWB Students giving thumbs up with children they are visiting.

 EWB-NU is a rapidly growing student organization, and needs your support. If you are a student ro UNL or UNO and would like to get involved, there are a number of ways you may become a part of this organization:

  • First of all, join our email list! (Contact Shannon Bartelt-Hunt at 
  • Come to our general meetings on specific Thursdays at 7:30. 
  • Join a project team. Learn more on the Madagascar or Zambia Team Pages.

EWB-NU also greatly encourages your support as a professional. If you are a professional or non-student and would like to help, there are a number of ways in which your help would be greatly appreciated:

Become a project mentor. EWB-NU is in great need of project mentors that can help our project teams in both technical and non-technical areas. Project mentors are needed for traveling and to help with design work here in Nebraska. If you are interested in becoming a project mentor, please contact Libby Jones at or 402-554-3869.

Make a monetary donation. Monetary donations will help us make an impact on the lives of villagers in developing countries by helping with both implementation and travel costs.  Please contact Karen Moellering at or 402-458-1179.

Make a donation of frequent flyer miles. Travel costs to the countries we are working in are very expensive. Students are usually responsible for paying for their tickets to the project destination. Frequent flyer miles help reduce this financial burden students assume in order to travel the project site. If you are interested in donating frequent flyer miles, please contact Libby Jones at or 402-554-3869.